About Dr. Melbert

Dr. Barry Melbert is an experienced physician with a history of success in the hospital and healthcare industry. His Doctor of Medicine (MD) is focused on Digestive Health and Integrative Medicine from Indiana University School of Medicine. Throughout his career, his goal has been to help others succeed in their journey to a whole and healthy life.

After a series of mounting health issues in the early 2010’s (hypertension, migraines, insomnia, etc.), Barry began a search for solutions both in and outside of traditional medicine. This search led him down a number of paths, many of them fruitful, most of them not. Most importantly, it led him to a fellowship program in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona, led by the legendary Andrew Weil, MD. Barry was captivated with this holistic approach and preventative mindset. He proceeded to study Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Sports Medicine to broaden his perspectives and understanding. The seed was planted for On the Path Health.

After months of study and preparation, Barry and 50 coworkers embarked upon the first version of the On the Path Health protocol, with a particular focus on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep. The results exceeded all expectations, and Barry knew he wanted to create a widely accessible program. Today, On the Path Health is built on a strong foundation of evolving literature from the health and wellness space, data from previous programs, and the practical filter of Barry’s own health journey.

Barry lives in the Indianapolis area with his wife, kids, and two dogs. He is a tortured Colts fan, and loves trail running, grilling, and spending time with family.